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Should Ben & Jerry's have come out for gay marriage? [Article]

Photo: Ben & Jerry's

I've written a piece for The Guardian's Word of Mouth blog on Ben & Jerry's issuing of an ice cream to celebrate the legalisation of gay marriage in Vermont.

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  1. Once more greed will out.
    Under this veneer of a "cause",whether you agree with the cause or not,it's all about latching on to anything in order to sell more stuff and make more money. Unilever just uses the BJ "brand" to sell more stuff to those of a lefty,liberal persuasion by "pushing" causes near and dear to that segment of potential buyers.No doubt there are "brands" that do the same for gun-owners;vegetarians;climate change believers;and so on.It's all about segmentation in order to make money.
    If Unilever simultaneously donated all the proceeds of the Sales(not some token penny) of Gay marriage ice cream to Aids sufferers ,I would be less cynical....but until they and others (on other pet issues) do this,I'm afraid it is all about the moolah.