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Absolut vodka [video]

I’m about to post a review of a famous restaurant in Spain - but in the meantime, here’s a short message from my sponsors, the impressively blond folk of Absolut.

Their new ad, which looks a bit like a mobile phone company’s, plays a lovely discordant jangle of Joy Division, has shots of people assembling chunks of ice into giant words, and pushes an airily upbeat slogan. Posting this reminded me of being 14 and covering my bedroom walls in Absolut’s ‘Artists’ series - which was exceptionally pretentious behaviour even for me. I've just looked again at that campaign, and though there are duds, some are really worth a look - a brilliant way to flog booze.


  1. Yeah yeah, where's your El Bulli post, you lazy bastard.

  2. Ah, my favourite Joy Division track. Always reminds me of that scene in Trainspotting....