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Fire & Knives

Bit of a celebration this week: I was published in print for the first time. That is, if you don't count the school magazine (restaurant reviews), the student paper (ditto) and some journo work experience, unaccountably overlooked for the Pulitzer. But the inaugural issue of Fire & Knives - 'new writing for food lovers' - just trundled off the press, and I've held my copy and smelled the pulp, glue and ink, and known that it represented a small landmark in a germinal career.

The list of contributors is impressive. As well as the editor, Tim Hayward, there are essays by Matthew Fort, Tom Parker Bowles, Emma Sturgess and similar illustrious folk. There's a cracking short story; there's an article - I wish I'd written it - about food in Withnail & I; there are photo essays and interviews; there's a satirical masterpiece by a mysterious critic known only as The Gastrician. It's big and clever and looks stunning thanks to its splendidly-named art director, Rob Lowe.

I've written about dinner parties: history, role and form: why their classic model is an endangered species, and why they're worth saving.

To read it, you'll have to buy the magazine - or better yet, subscribe: it's only £20 for the year. Top Christmas present, of course. And if you've gone the other way round, and come to this blog via Fire & Knives, a big hello to you. I don't bite, unless you're a toastie.


  1. Congratulations Ollie! A landmark in what is going to be a long and successful career I am sure. I really need to sort out a subscription. Going to do it now in fact.

  2. Hi Oliver. Where is the magazine sold? Any newsstands in London? Online?


  3. Joanna - Thank you!

    Andrew - Ha!

    Helen - Thanks a lot. Be sure you do: I've heard a few things about the second issue, which promises to be even better.

    Christian - There are plans to stock it in a few places, but for the moment it's mail-order only. Just click the link above! (www.fireandknives.com)

  4. congratulations, ollie, look forward to this publication hitting North America in the near future.

  5. I got my copy on Saturday, and have almost devoured it. Enjoyed your article, hope the magazine is a great success.


  6. Shayma - Thanks. But as I say - mail order for the time being...

    Ferg - Very glad to hear it. Thanks.