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Restaurant critic round-up - 30/11

The kitchen at Galvin La Chapelle. Photo: Galvin Restaurants

My weekly round-up of the national restaurant critics is live at iStarvin.

Click here to read it.


  1. These round-ups are fantastic, Oliver. I usually only manage to get through about half of the nationals so you are providing a great service here. Keep up the good work!

    I popped into the Draft House the other day and had an interesting flight of beers with some tasty ox tongue fritters. I will definitely be back to sample more beers and something potted.

  2. Mr Teaspoon - Thanks, glad you find the round-ups useful! Those fritters are pretty good, aren't they? I've went to a tasting at the Draft House just before it opened - jolly good fritters, as you say - but I need to go back for a fuller sesh.