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The best winter pubs: The Bear, Oxford

The Bear. I nicked this photo from Google Images, and I'm afraid it doesn't come close to reflecting the pub's cosiness or charm.

The Guardian has asked me and 49 other alleged "bon viveurs" to recommend their favourite winter pub. I chose The Bear in Oxford, a place I grew to know and love when I was a student. It's under the shadow of Christ Church, my old college, and I always return to it with a strange blend of nostalgia and relief.

Click here to read – I'm number 31.


  1. The Bear! Top pub! Ahhhh, the student days.

  2. Oh my goodness, I spent far too many hours there. Love the picture.

    Miss W x

  3. Helen - Lovely isn't it?

    Miss Whistle - It has that effect on people. We used to do the pub quiz quite a lot.