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Douwe Egberts advertisement [3/3]

The last of three videos from Dutch coffee giant Douwe Egberts.

I've finally clicked which dulcet Ulsterman has been narrating these: it's James Nesbitt. I must say I can't remember the last time I saw Nesbitt act in anything: he seems to exist solely for adverts and infomercials like this. However, at least this time he got a decent script.

We're on to cappuccinos, and this is particularly worth watching for the shots of the Colombian jungle where the highest-quality beans, the arabica, are grown. Every week, apparently, we drink more than five million cappuccinos and lattes in the UK alone, which is kind of staggering. Coffee has flooded Western life like the melting of Greenland. I'd be lost without it.

I can't pretend to be the world's biggest fan of the cappuccino (though there's an interesting story behind the name), but I'll use this opportunity to bang a favourite drum of mine. One of the most ridiculous gastronomic snobberies is the 'rule' about when to drink cappuccinos. It's mornings only, they say.

Nonsense. If people want a milky, soothing coffee after dinner, that's up to them; it's not a world away from cocoa, anyway. Italians allegedly think that drinking milk after a meal affects digestion: somewhat odd when you consider their fondness for milky puddings. Regardless, I've tested this, and sipped a sacrilegious cappuccino after dinner. I was fine.

As with the last two videos, I've accepted a fee for posting this.

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