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The history of Christmas pudding [Article]

Allied Tastes: A French soldier eats Christmas pudding, 1914

I've written something for Foodtripper on the history of Christmas pudding. (More interesting than it sounds.)

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  1. Cracking and concise history of the crimbo pub Ollie, I wonder how the early versions tasted, did you come across any old recipes?

  2. Nine more days! Perhaps you will know this, is it merely an old wives' tale that eating fruit mince pies is illegal?

  3. FU - Yeah, quite a few. Actually I think it probably tasted surprisingly similar to ours. The biggest change was probably when it went from liquid to solid, and the second biggest when it lost its meat.

    Lewis William - I know, on the way! It is indeed an old wives' tale: in fact I touch on that subject in the article.