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Restaurant critic round-up, 25/01

The Pheasant, Keyston. "Who needs quality when you have telly exposure?" asks Jasper Gerard. Photo: The Pheasant.

Click here for my weekly round-up of the national restaurant critics at iStarvin.com


Restaurant critic round-up, 18/01

Kitchen W8. Reeling in the critics. Photo: Kitchen W8

My weekly round-up of the national restaurant critics is back, and live at iStarvin.

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New year's resolutions: don't bother [Article]

Cassoulet. Much more suited to these climes than beansprout salad.

Happy new year! Hope you had a lovely break.

I've written something for Guardian Food about why, despite the January hangover, we should spurn new year's resolutions and their grim, depressing diets.

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