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New year's resolutions: don't bother [Article]

Cassoulet. Much more suited to these climes than beansprout salad.

Happy new year! Hope you had a lovely break.

I've written something for Guardian Food about why, despite the January hangover, we should spurn new year's resolutions and their grim, depressing diets.

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  1. enjoyed your article very much, and can't handle people who make diet resolutions. everything in moderation for me. happy new year!

  2. Agreed. So much so that I think I'll toddle off and make a cassoulet

  3. My Spatula - And to you! Moderation is the key, although to be honest I struggle with that too.

    JCI - Good plan. Controversial stuff, though. Wars have been fought over pettier matters than the "correct" way to make cassoulet.

  4. i could NEVER make a food related resolution. actually, i think my resolution is to drink MORE red wine, eat MORE red meat and eat MORE pudding. x
    ps very nice avatar of you on the Guardian site, Ollie.

  5. Great article Oliver, I thoroughly enjoyed it. No food related resolutions here, other than to use my cook books more often, instead of just buying more.