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Tim Hanni MW: matching food and wine is bunk [Article]

One man's nectar is another man's poison. Photo: Still from Sideways/20th Century Fox

I've written something for today's G2 about Tim Hanni, the American wine expert who now says wine critics talk a load of rubbish, and that "matching" food and wine is a myth.

Click here to read it.


  1. Really enjoyed your article, think Tim is pretty much on the money. I was a supermarket buyer for years and endless customer research groups told me that the majority know what they like and like what they know. Making the wine aisle a scary place is not going to help them branch out.

  2. Ollie, I enjoyed the Guardian article so much. I tend to agree with Fiona on this issue, btw. x shayma
    ps i think i have already told you this, but your Guardian headshot is GORGEOUS.

  3. KM - Thanks. Very interesting point about the supermarkets - and I think, also, that people are very tight when it comes to spending money on wine. The average cost per bottle is just under a fiver, as I'm sure you know. That rather limits what the supermarkets can serve.

    Shayma - So kind of you. Thanks.