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The Aga can't [Article]

Cats crawling on an Aga. A bit gross, if we're honest.

I've written something for Word of Mouth at The Guardian about Agas, and all that's wrong with them. Click here to read it.


  1. I enjoyed this article and have arrived here by way of it. I've turned into a comments box stalker, sorry about that. A good friend has an Aga (complete with special rack to dry underwear)and she loves it. There is something appealing about it, but it makes the environmentalist in me dry heave, so I could never have one. Nice piece.

  2. Great article, I loved it!

  3. Excellent article, I really enjoyed it. Have to say though I do rather like the look of them.

  4. Pig - Thanks, glad you enjoyed the piece.

    Kavey - Cheers Kavey!

    George - I know what you mean. They're good-looking things. Just, um, impractical, expensive and absurd.