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Fancy a Polish? [G2 Article]

The chef at Daquise fries pierogi dumplings. Photo: Linda Nylind for The Guardian

I've written something for today's G2 about the UK's adoption of Polish food. Click here to read it.


  1. Dear Oliver, just read your article on the Guardian website.
    'Bigos - Poland's national dish, a rich and savoury soup' Isn't calling it a soup inaccurate? It's more like a stew, still - not that watery. Also, when it comes to barszcz it is really rarely served with smoked bacon. As a traditional Christmas dish we serve it with 'uszka' - special Christmas dumplings filled only with mushrooms.
    Anyway, great article.

  2. Edyta - Thanks very much. The bigos-as-soup thing was an oversight on my part: you'll see in the main article I called it a stew. And thanks for the barszcz tip too: I understand Polish food at Christmas Eve is always vegetarian, so it would make sense to have uszka.

  3. Hi Oliver,
    I really enjoyed your article in The Guardian.I used to work in Daquise for about a year in 1999.I am glad to hear that the Gesslers have taken over.I live near Cambridge now so will have to make that special trip one day to give the"new" Daquise a try.

  4. Thanks Tomasz, very kind of you to say. Let me know how you enjoy it.

  5. I'm not sure if I'm glad that the Gesslers took over. Yes, they are known for great food - but with a twist. Let's just hope that they don't twist it too much.