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Waitrose Food Illustrated - Lunchboxes

I've written something for the Biting Talk column in this month's Waitrose Food Illustrated about the return of the lunchbox (no sniggering at the back, it's got nothing to do with Linford Christie). The endless bleedin' recession has apparently caused a spike in lunchbox sales for both adults and children – and, as ever, this has only spurred competition and grasping one-upmanship.

WFI is absurdly good value at £1 – it's available in fine Waitroses and John Lewises across the land. As if my byline weren't enough, there are other brilliant pieces to tempt you: recipes from Bill Granger, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's roast spuds, as well as an uncharacteristically revealing interview with some bloke called Gordon Ramsay.


  1. I love WFI! I've been reading it since the beginning as I used to read Food Illustrated before Waitrose took it over and when they did, we'd got a Waitrose just around the corner and so we got a store credit card, which entitles you to a free copy every month.
    Infact, recently, I was tidying and found a box of old copies! :)
    Congrats at featuring as I think it's a terrific magazine!

  2. Brilliant! Congrats on getting into WFI - it's a bloody good mag and now it has a bloody good writer.

  3. A pleasure to have you on board the good ship WFI Ollie


  4. How cool is this! I love this mag, I have a soft spot for the Sainsburys one as well sadly I'll have to trek miles to check this out as we have no Waitrose in Leeds. Which is gutting.


  5. And now they've scrapped it...my favourite magazine...gone...

  6. I cant believe Waitrose have got rid of food illustrated and replaced it with 'Waitrose Kitchen'. Its know where near as good. I used to like reading Sitwells restuarant review, but alas they are now consigned to the back issues. Not a good a move by Waitrose.

  7. There will be a Waitrose in Leeds - scheduled to open in Meanwood later this year (Oct/Nov). I've just bought a flat near the park (moving from Bristol) - literally 2 mins away) so am well pleased! While I do buy stuff from the other supermarkets, Waitrose is the business! Meanwood is on the up and the new store is bound to act as a catalyst for the overall upgrading of the parade.