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Consider the processed cheese [Article]

Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Oh lordy.

I've considered the evils and virtues of processed cheese over at The Guardian. Click here to read.


  1. Loads of good points.

    I must say , however, that back in Poland years ago I used to love those little cheesy triangles by Hochland (Hochland is German, right? Ein gutes Stuck Familiengluck :-) I would use them as an alternative to butter - so you take freshly baked bread, Hochland and then a thick slice of a tomatoe (my grandpa grew them himself), raddish and some salt & pepper - I'm telling you - back then it tasted well good!

  2. Ah, nectar of the Gods...and the food of choice for single mothers everywhere!

    Good times!

  3. Edyta - Blimey! Sounds very homely.

    CP - Glad you think so.