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A summer supper [Recipe]

I don't blog midweek cooking anywhere near as much as I'd like. Often that's down to practicalities – I'm typically hungry when it's time to sit down, and hardly feel like pulling out the camera and snapping a congealing bowl of noodles. But this was supper last night and it wasn't untypical, so I thought I'd share it. It really was good – and all the better for having been made with stuff I found lying around the kitchen. Proof, if we needed it, that to eat well in summer you hardly need to cook at all.

I boned a couple of chicken legs, seasoned them and let them sit for a couple of hours in olive oil, lemon juice, lots of fresh oregano and sliced spring onions. I griddled them for a few minutes on either side until they were branded and scarred. I let them rest while I sliced some ripe tomatoes and scattered them with more spring onions and oregano, then sploshed the lot in extra virgin, a few shakes of red wine vinegar, sea salt and pepper. I also knocked up a raita of sorts by stirring peeled, seeded, finely diced cucumber and a load of mint into full-fat yoghurt, and quickly made some couscous with fresh parsley, lemon juice and a seeded, finely sliced chilli that was looking a bit miserable in the fridge. A bottle of very chilled rosé made this a lovely, harmonious supper.


  1. Utter paradise. My kind of cooking, as well you know.

  2. Looks like a perfect midweek supper to me.

  3. Lovely. Simple and fresh best in this weather as your post illustrated so well