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Waitrose Kitchen: The blood oranges of Sicily [Article]

The lovely people at Waitrose Kitchen were kind enough to send me to Sicily the other week to cover the blood orange harvest. It was an amazing few days: we stayed in a beautiful old farmhouse deep in the orange groves, the air thick with citrus. We also explored a little of the island, including the Roman theatre above, and we ate a ludicrous amount of fresh fish, wild asparagus, risottos, pastas, and oranges spiced Moorishly and moreishly with cinnamon. Yuki Sugiura's superb photos accompany the piece.

Waitrose Kitchen remains a true bargain at only a quid. Do pick up a copy – this month, there's also a lovely feature from the Greek island of Santorini (home of the ancient saffron art I mentioned on Word of Mouth this week), a fine column from Mimi Spencer about barbecues and, as ever, plenty of excellent recipes.


  1. And if you have a Waitrose / John Lewis card the magazine is free!

    Look forward to reading the article.

    Love Waitrose Kitchen and the fact that it comes out in the month that is printed on the cover!

  2. I absolutely loved the article Ollie. Great stuff.

  3. Helen - Very good point, I should have mentioned that! Hope you enjoy the piece.

    George - Thank you x

  4. How nice of Waitrose to orange that for you.